Janna D. Zuber, a 1974 graduate of the University of Maryland School of Housing and Applied Design, likens painting to cooking – seemingly limitless textures, colors, flavors and subjects, each bidding for some new frontier to be crossed. Her style, she concedes, is as varied as her drawer full of kitchen spices. And every day, every new project – like preparing a meal – offers an opportunity to do and taste something different.


         Nearly 30 years of creating works of art – in fabric, clay, metal, paper, and paint, on furniture, walls, paper and canvas – has given Janna the courage to find her own artistic voice and style, from the dictates of her heart, rather than strict adherence to one style, medium or media.


         Janna’s large family ( 5 children, 7 grands ), travels and her gardens, provide some of the elemental ingredients in her artwork.  She uses watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, collage, oil pastels, inks  or any combination of them to create her diverse collection of artwork. She will often ask herself, “What if? or, Why not?” when creating a work. Few works leave her studio without layers of paint, glazes or collage.


         Janna lives with her husband Phil in Annapolis, Maryland. When time allows, she plays the hammered dulcimer.